LED display companies make foshan good m outdoor full-color LED display - shopping square LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
And pass the good news, 'xin' brand outdoor full-color led display in foshan good shopping plaza, good m shopping plaza co. , LTD. , located in nanhai district, foshan city, is located in nanhai district, foshan city, jiujiang town, education road, is located in the los pu market next to, the transportation is convenient, the house village populated, who is fluent, huge consumption potential, the geographical position is superior. Store a total of three layers, a business area of more than 16000 square meters, the mall interior decoration luxurious, with about 3000 square meters of large parking lot and leisure venue is the ideal set leisure, entertainment, shopping as one of the big department store. Shenzhen science and technology, the cooperation with m shopping square, that is, according to xi jinping in October 2014 general secretary in the literary work symposium speech spirit - — 'Insist on ocean for convenient, pioneering and innovative, so match well of Chinese and western, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study', 'the best food for the soul to give the people. 'The guiding ideology, in the New Year under the new normal, makes further deepen cooperation between enterprises, involved in urban economic construction, cultural construction, cross-industry interdisciplinary win-win between urban planning and implementation of the depth of cooperation, realize the information sharing, complementary advantages, benefit and win-win development goals. This time cooperation, reached new heights of multidisciplinary cooperation, with The Times and culture at the same time, fully embodies the country on the basis of the cultural economy high speed development of the guiding ideology, contributing to high speed of economic development healthy and orderly force a force according to the outdoor full-color led display area of 62 square meters, before and after up to IP65 waterproof grade, to fully adapt to the bad weather rain. Module table structure produced by the use of special patch process, has excellent moisture corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion treatment technology on electronic circuit, further ensuring the dustproof, moisture performance of the product, the screen has extremely strong weatherability, long-term use can be bad in the outdoor environment. Shenzhen technology co. , LTD. Business line Mr. Liu: 189, 2650, 1801 ( QQ: 1990888666) Mr. Li: 180, 3308, 4888 ( QQ: 1265888666) Hall: 180, 3813, 5483 ( QQ: 2880698553) Zhou min: 159, 8942, 1922 ( QQ: 2880698554) Li jie: 181, 2990, 3316 ( QQ: 2880698552) Zheng: 138, 2350, 6258 ( QQ: 2880698555) Zeng Yating: 133, 1689, 5867 ( QQ: 2880698556) Zou shu good: 177, 2269, 2175 ( QQ: 2880698557) Li-yao duan, 177, 2269, 2190 ( QQ: 2880698558) Ming-ming li: 130, 6687, 7569 ( QQ: 2880698567) Light: more than 188, 2099, 3334 ( QQ: 2880698566)
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