LED display can use gigabit nic instead of send card?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-02
Gigabit nics can instead of sending CARDS? Let's look at how to do to be compatible. 1, first verify that your card is gigabit nics and compatible: in the led studio software, select Settings - - - - - - - Software Settings - - - - - - - After input 'linsn' and '168' send the card setting, the sending card Settings interface input 'netlst can check the card type and transmission speed in a computer. As shown in the figure below, the connection speed of 1000 m is gigabit nics and can be used. 2, with 568 b national standard wiring gigabit nics and receiving card, distance cannot be more than 80 meters, with 12 led studio software. * the above version, open the led display power, this is receiving card green light flashing is slow; 3, start the led studio, such as startup prompt 'no use serial port! 'Click ok to skip directly; After the jump if led display can light up the green lights and receiving card normal rapid flashing that has the connection is successful, then you can go to do the next step of work (normal Such as receiving card parameter setting and display connection, etc. ) , the operation way similar to send card to connect. As shown in the figure below can set after the connection is successful' Remember that card, to check the hardware and connection mode ( NETCARD connections for the network card) 】 4, if in step 3 tips 'no use serial port! 'click ok after the jump tip can't find the big screen, then you need to check the installation of the cable or receiving card is correct! After the screening to continue operating the next step ( Connection is not successful cannot send card Settings in the options to remember card and check the hardware model) 。
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