LED display can be used for what purpose?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-08
H due to the LED screen with large size, wide Angle, high brightness and color is gorgeous, it in one color logo and full color display has a very wide range of applications. With the development of LED technology, LED display to highlight advantages to become the mainstream of a flat panel display products, in finance, such as traffic, sports, advertising LED Shi widely used. With the speeding up of the society informatization process, the application of LED display in the field of information display will be increasingly broad. LED in the application of social economic life field mainly includes: (1) securities trading, financial information display. Demand for applications in the field of LED display, the largest market share accounted for almost 50% of the LED display, at present there are still large demand. (2) the station, port passenger guidance information display. By the LED display screen as the main body of information and broadcasting system, train departure warning system, ticketing information system of passenger transport hub of the automation system, become the railway station and port development and reform the important content of technology. (3) the airport flight dynamic information display. The civil aviation airport construction in our country is very clear to the requirement of display, LED display is the flight display system ( 航班信息显示系统,支撑材) The preferred products. (4) the sports venue information display. LED display as a major means of information display glaze game live broadcast, has replaced the traditional CRT displays, lighting and become one of the modern sports venues will each of the facilities. (5) road traffic information display. In the field of urban transportation, highway, etc, the intelligent transportation system ( 它的) To promote the development of the LED display as the widely application of the variable information board, such as speed limit signs. 6. Scheduling command center information display. Electric power dispatching, vehicle to persuade state tracking, vehicle scheduling management is gradually used in such fields as high density of LED display. All landowners advertising media. In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor LED display as advertising media, the cluster LED display advertising system, train LED display advertising publishing systems have been adopted and promotion, etc. End postal and telecommunications, shopping malls, shopping centers and other services in the field of toe service promotion and information display. In most of these occasions use LED display. Pet-name ruby performances and *. Large LED display more and more widely used in public and political purpose of video broadcast, the broadcast live and play an important role in advertising information. Attending the exhibition. LED display as exhibition organizers provides one of the important service content, provide the exhibitors with *. Abroad as well as some larger professional LED display rental company, also has some of the larger manufacturers provide rental services.
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