Led display at the time of installation need to pay attention to

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-11
Believe there's a lot of consumers to buy the led display screen, led display few pay attention to the installation of the matters needing attention, completely put the installation work to install, but there are a lot of led display manufacturers at the time of installation led display will only check the attachment problem, tend to ignore the other a few small problem, install the led display, in addition to check the connection line is correct, also check whether there is a computer software installation complete. These problems may for consumers is not very professional is completely don't know, but for installation member, if you ignore these problems, it will affect the quality of service of led display. Let powerful giant colour for you to summarize several items need to be aware of when install the led display; 1. In strict accordance with the 'user manual' the inside of the steps in the installation guide. 2. Electricity power supply to meet the following requirements: first led display of the frequency of the power supply voltage is around 220 v + 10%, then the security check whether the contact and reliable; Ground and zero line isolation is reliable. 3. General requirements must have the proper temperature, temperature working environment temperature at minus 20 degrees Celsius to eighty degrees Celsius; Storage of environmental problems around 40 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius below zero.
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