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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
LED electronic display all together is not easy, like configure an assembly of the computer, even LED electronic display together more complex, more should pay attention to the steps. It is linked by lots of module, the module is made up of many lamp bead assembly, this step is a ring then a ring, inside have to be careful, otherwise the LED electronic display effect is produced. Mainly introduces four kinds of LED electronic display connection form below: first, the whole series forms: general simple serial links LED1 - in the way N, end to end, equals the current flows through the LED display work. Another is in series connection with bypass to 1. One way of improvement. Second, the whole parallel form: one kind is simple in parallel form, the other is a parallel form of independent match. Simple LED1 - in parallel way N fore and aft in parallel, work equals the withstand voltage on each LED. The reliability is not high, but also for parallel form adopted independent match about this problem, a single LED display driver with good results, protection, complete failure does not affect other work, can match has many characteristics, such as bigger difference. Compound form: the third, by telling on each of the parallel and series of the advantages of the proposed integrated. Also includes 2 kinds. One is after the first string and hybrid mode, the other is a first and after a string of hybrid mode. Fourth, cross array form: cross array shape is mainly for the sake of improving the working reliability of the LED display, reduce the failure rate. LED display connections are diverse, each step does not allow a connection error, so that engineering technical personnel is a must to know, the above four kinds of connection form the advantages and disadvantages of each have a, a specific analysis, finally found his form is suitable for connecting the LED display. Many engineering technology people tend to ignore this, lead to LED display appear all sorts of problems, finally let customers lost confidence to the company. To create each exciting scene!
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