LED companies across the automatic positioning outlook - as the core competitiveness Information technology -

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
As is known to all, automatic production line can not only effectively reduce the cost of choose and employ persons, ensure the quality of product quality, standardize trade, improve productivity, can improve enterprise's comprehensive competitiveness, at the same time promoting the manufacture level of the industry as a whole. In addition, the automation production equipment to replace artificial, not only can reduce the influence of artificial factors, improve the product one-time pass rate, to ensure product quality, improve product competitiveness, but also to be able to speed up the processing speed, improve the accuracy and reliability, to achieve the effective area and the space the storage utilization, to further reduce the comprehensive cost of the enterprise. There is no doubt that the introduction of fully automatic production line can significantly reduce the labor costs, and has become one of the large scale production enterprise. But in fact, because of the large equipment costs, LED technology change quickly, lead to equipment companies active layout, but heavy awkward situation concerns downstream LED display manufacturer. In addition, the introduction of fully automatic production line early need huge costs. Input and output of the rate of return, become the LED enterprises to introduce fully automated production line before considering most of the problems. In LED display industry chain, therefore, it is not difficult to find that aggregate chips and encapsulation of relatively high degree of automation, and downstream LED display assembly automation is relatively weak. But LED display companies have been content with the status quo, is in a state of half automation, automatic production line can't go deep into the each big factory of LED display, then the LED display manufacturing want 4 into industry. 0, the realization of intelligent manufacturing is always just a dream! And as part of the manufacturing industry, LED display manufacturing couldn't got on the train to intelligent destined to lose in the future.
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