Led advertising screen price range _ screen investment estimate price

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-02
Install a Led display cannot earn money selling ads? Below we from the aspects of the service life of the project cost, electricity, etc. Rough estimates about an outdoor LED advertising screen run down how much money can earn. First analysis, into a piece of outdoor LED advertising screen: the cost of investment is needed, the size of the LED screen will affect the price of LED outdoor screen. Here to P16 outdoor full color LED display, for example, suppose size covers an area of 100 ㎡, according to the market, the price is about 5500 yuan / ㎡, such a 100 ㎡ LED screen cost is RMB 5500 * 100 = 550000. Second, the LED screen control system: 1. 50000 yuan. Control computer, audio, power distribution cabinet, air conditioning, lightning arrester 1 these prices. 60000 yuan. 3, steel structure and outside decoration materials and artificial: if it is by the manufacturer to design and construction drawings, oneself buy materials in the local, expenses in about 1000 yuan / ㎡, 100 - square - metre is 100000 yuan. Four, transportation costs: assuming that transport from shenzhen to suzhou, 100 ㎡ P6LED screen cost in 1. 30000 yuan. Five, the electricity expenses: such a screen about 42 kw power consumption per hour, use 12 hours a day, one day the cost of 500 yuan ( Electricity is one yuan once) , then a year of electricity is: 504 * 30 * 12 = 180000 yuan, a conservative estimate can be used 5 years life, electricity expenses for 900000 yuan. So, the 100 ㎡ of P16 outdoor advertising display need spending 5 years of use: 55 + 1. 6 + 10 + 1. 3 + 90 = 1. 58 million yuan. Because other marketing materials and other factors, it is estimated that the price will be different. Second, about the LED outdoor advertising screen output: conservative estimates over use fixed number of year for five years. Suppose the P16 outdoor advertising screen can play every day 12 ads, an advertising fee is 4000 yuan per month, so the cost of the 5 years would be: 12 * 0. 4 * 12 * 5 = 2. 88 million concluded,? This LED advertising screen yield value:? Use five years to produce earnings of: 288 - 158 = 1. 3 million yuan of above is just a piece of advertising screen operation, if mature large-scale investment, can make the advertising revenue is greatly increased. Believe that with the further development of outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising LED screen more applications, the penetration and market prospects will getting better and better.
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