Lease full-color led display to comedy troupe settle AnWei - again Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Lease full-color led display to comedy troupe settle AnWei again, in this warm season, people demand for spiritual and cultural life also follow up. More and more song and dance party, more and more various celebrations, large private party and other 'feast' is more and more. In monsoon warm warm heart of hold up person, LED rental screen also began to popular in various application fields such as performance, hotel banquet, celebration. The AnWei inaction comedy troupe rental led full-color led display, also is not the first attempt, the rental screen 500 mmx500mm full-color led rental display cabinet. As a screen series in the lightest of this lease, the design concept of light, thin, rapid installation, the body weight only 2. 8 kg, screen only 6 kg of finished product. The screen of disassembling and maintenance is very convenient, can effectively save the labor cost and transportation cost. High quality SMD technology, and the unique hardware system, to ensure the picture has the perfect display effect. The display screen with meticulous cool color display and praised by the market, suitable for large stage rental, planning activities, wedding scene, the hotel lobby and other places of the environment and install and use. So this time and AnWei comedy troupe clinch a deal is expected. Led display free joining together, wire layout elegant appearance; Which is suitable for the family the high-definition pictures show, wide Angle, high contrast, meet the needs of the different Angle to watch; Effect of image smooth and exquisite, rich administrative levels; Stage modelling, more flexible, convenient and tableaux. This kind of screen box ultra-thin: save time and effort, the casing thickness & lt; 60 mm, weight & lt; 10 kg, the weight per square meter & lt; 20 kg, belongs to the industry leading level. Marketing line: can directly dial the 400 free phone more worry for you! 4008 - 368 - 386 ms. Huang: 180 - 3813 - 5483 ( QQ: 2880698553) Miss zhou: 159 - 8942 - 1922 ( QQ: 2880698554) Zheng: - 177 2269 - 2170 ( QQ: 2880698555) Once miss, 177 - 2269 - 2190 ( QQ: 2880698556) Mr. Li: - 181 2990 - 3316 ( QQ: 2880698552) Zou Guozhi: 186 2032 - 1795 ( QQ: 2880698567) Yong-jian zhang: 183 2094 - 0311 ( QQ: 2880698572) Liu: - 136 5240 - 7030 ( QQ: 2880698558) Chen Guibin: 183 1287 - 3607 ( QQ: 2880698566)
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