LCD module driver

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
LCD module driver 1, LCD module driver overview: LCD module driver debugging, is very important in the whole process of research and development of mobile phone a link, at the early stage of every new model development, the first is to debug the LCD modules, LCD driver, we commonly known as 'screen'. 'Screen' debugging consists of two parts, one is the light of LCD backlight, the second is to debug the LCD display. Backlight driving debugging methods and skills, can in backlight document. 2, the principle of LCD Module concept: LCD: full name is the Liquid Crystal Display LCD LCM: full name is the Liquid Crystal Module refers to the Liquid Crystal Display Module, including the periphery of the Liquid Crystal screen and Liquid Crystal FPC circuit and structure. 3, FPC circuit of LCD: refers to the LCM LCD peripheral circuit in the module, this part of the circuit by LCD module manufacturer in accordance with our requirements to carry on the design of LCD interface. In the LCD driver debugging, see the FPC circuit diagram is also important. 4 LCD peripheral circuit, we often also referred to as LCD circuit, refers to the baseband the LCD interface circuit part, this part of the circuit designed by us. LCD module manufacturer: refers to the letter, tianma, boe, these manufacturers. They will be made can be used for our production of LCM LCD module. Shenzhen, shenzhen LCM, LCD, LCM, LCD, liquid crystal display module, LCD screen, LCD screen, LCD module, LCD module, 12864 liquid crystal display module, LCD manufacturers - Electronics co. , LTD. A: 12864 dot matrix LCD module LCM, the characteristics of the LCD next: LCD module driver
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