Large led electronic screen maintenance should be how to do

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Installed a large led electronic screen can have very good advertising effect, but also need to pay attention to the reasonable use maintenance, if does not pay attention to maintenance is bound to bring great harm, this depends on the use of know how to maintain, this is mainly to introduce large led electronic screen maintenance should be how to do? 1, ensure that use the environment humidity. Led electronic screen as a kind of electronic equipment, the most afraid of humidity problems when using, and outdoor use humidity is very large, especially the thunderstorm days humidity can bring damage to equipment within the electronic components, humidity continuously the whole led screen corrosion soon after electricity, high service life will decline rapidly. So to ensure the equipment internal humidity control cannot exceed a certain limit, for use in maintenance should do is to ensure that the use of environmental humidity. 2, active protection and maintenance. The unexpected hashing, led electronic screen will use so in peacetime to active protection, such as bad weather before coming power ahead of schedule. If equipment installation to protect the screen in advance, so you can avoid bring brushed against damage, and also have to do is clean in time, reduce dust, especially regularly check the power supply equipment stability, avoid the damage caused by short circuit, open circuit. 3, pay attention to the regulation. This screen will play full Bai Quan green full use process blue images, those images will bring very large current, connected to the bad place is easy to burn. So in this must filter, which can effectively avoid avoid to bring damage to the electronic screen light bead. Is mainly to introduce the above led electronic screen maintenance should be how to do? Hope that we should attach importance to do maintenance work during use. Wei source photoelectric for you solve the problem of common use led display
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