Large LCD module manufacturers

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
LCD module, liquid crystal display module, LCD screen, LCD liquid crystal display module, LCD, LCD module, LCM, electronics factory professional products of the company is divided into two parts: one is professional processing from 1. 33 inch ~ 8. 0 inch TFT color LCD module. 2 is a professional research and development, production and sales of TN, the STN, FSTN LCD and LCD module has a segment, character ( ) , TuXiangXing ( ) , with character of dot matrix LCD module ( ) 。 My company's products have been widely applied to public query, monitoring, geological, metallurgical, finance, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, energy, industrial automation, environmental protection, medical treatment, electric power, telecommunications and other fields, among them, in the communications industry, with reliable, stable product performance has been in the industry forefront. Over the years, the electronic with stable and reliable product quality, excellent price, perfect after-sales service, in the broad masses of users establish a good brand image. To customers tailor-made product design concept, for the majority of users provide a more value-added close-fitting service. High reliability and high stability for every user feel more at ease. A: electronic technology leader in electrical erosion resistance of the COG LCD module next: warmly celebrate our factory passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification
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