Jing lian electronics 12864 LCD module name origin and principle

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
Various types of LCD module, now we are at its liquid crystal display (LCD), named 12864, for example, it is 128 + 64 - line array. Each type of LCD module has some of its parameters, see below some of the principles of under 12864. 12864, each show points corresponding to a binary number, 1, 0 means. Store the lattice information of RAM is called display data memory. To display graphics or characters is the corresponding dot matrix information is written to the corresponding storage unit. Graphics or Chinese character dot matrix information by their own design, of course, the key point is displayed on the LCD screen position and the relationship between the address in memory. Because most of the liquid crystal display module drive circuit is made up of a line drive column and two pieces of the structure, so the 12864 LCD screen is actually made of two pieces of independent 64 * 64 LCD screen patchwork, each screen has a 512 * 8 bits display data RAM. Around half screen driver circuit and memory respectively by the selected signal CS1 and CS2. According to the location of the point on the 64 * 64 LCD screen by line number ( 线,0 ~ 63) And the column number ( 列,0 ~ 63) Sure. 512 * 8 bits RAM a storage unit address by the page address ( Xpage, 0 ~ 7) And column address ( Yaddress, 0 ~ 63) Sure. Each storage unit to store 8 point of liquid crystal display information. In order to make the liquid crystal point location information more intuitive, the corresponding relationship between storage address to 64 * 64 LCD screen 8 from top to bottom is divided into eight display block, such as each line includes 8 * 64 lattice. Line 8 dot matrix information in each column form a binary number 8 bits, stored in a storage unit. Note: high and low effective bit sequence of binary relations with the line number corresponding to different due to different vendors. Store a block display RAM area called storage page. Or 64 * 64 LCD dot matrix information is stored in 8 storage pages, 64 bytes per page, each byte stores a column, Line 8) Bitmap information. So the storage unit address including page ( Xpage, 0 ~ 7) And column address ( Yaddress, 0 ~ 63) 。 A: - electronic LCD module Blue label right to tear stick next: electronic { The LCD module manufacturer} 13 anniversary celebrations
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