Jiangsu suzhou indoor P2. Full-color displays finished installation and debugging success - 5 LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-05
Suzhou is unusually hot summer. But under this sorching summer, will not be able to subtract the enthusiasm of the staff. Yesterday, in the famous historical and cultural city again successfully installed in indoor LED display, model for P2. 5. The model display, lamp bead between 2 only. 5 mm, under such a small spacing reveal images, far beyond the customers' needs. P2. 5 small spacing LED display type screen is removed, shows the highest resolution, image processing is the most exquisite, visual range of indoor LED display recently. The model display and its suitable for installation in the mall, corridor and shop in the stores. Suitable for promotional product information, video advertising, etc. To create each exciting scene!
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