Huizhou P10 outdoor full-color LED display - the success of the installation LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Recently, for the guangdong huizhou city. with its pliasant P10 outdoor full-color displays, complete the installation and debugging work, has been put into use. Screen clear, presents excellent display effect, also attract the attention of the comings and goings through people P10 outdoor LED display is the fist product, and we guarantee that screen display, display color uniformity of ultra-high, has obvious dustproof effect, USES the high quality chips, more grey scale, colour is more gentle natural, vivid colors of nature, impressive, no matter at the station, the outdoor square, airport, the real estate property, this product has been fully play, has always been the pursuit of perfect quality, gradually transform product, expect the products to meet customer demand for huizhou the outdoor LED display energy conservation and environmental protection, can and greatly reduce the operation cost you, our great screen effect has also been widespread attention, and P10 full-color displays and outstanding products, in the future, the highlight, durable type of display screen equipment, there must be more vast prospect of use.
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