How to through the surface testing quality of LED display screen box

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-05
LED display delivery time how to through the appearance and quality check screen and body size? Appearance and size accord with a standard, the fine workmanship of the screen to when joining together to achieve the minimum aperture, also can maximum protection of the screen. A. How to detect the LED screen body: visual inspection may be preliminary seen general visual and touch LED screen whether there is a problem. Coating adhesion: should be no falls off phenomenon. Screen picture: whether the color consistency, or have the phenomenon of partial color, even is not bright. Appearance: printing and screen printing content should be clear, complete and uniform color, no burrs and defects, trailing, pollution phenomenon; All screen printing, location, and the specific content of the design and font size, described in detail by corresponding drawings, the manufacturer in accordance with the drawings design requirements for screen printing. Color consistent with model ( Normal vision observation under natural light or fluorescent lamp without clear off color) , with products without color difference ( Note: the color including the color and luster) ; Coating surface is smooth, smooth, uniform, the surface can not have the following defects: don't do it after tack, particles, hole, pitting, hair flower, wrinkling, mechanical damage. 2. How to detect the LED cabinet: first case detection method has a lot of, usually used tools are: vernier caliper, tape measure, spirit level. Case detection requirements, testing personnel must be in strict accordance with the design drawings in case one by one all incoming material inspection, check whether there is less, the processing parts, case detection should pay attention to the following questions: the LED cabinet dimension deviation is not greater than zero. 5 mm, two diagonal differ not greater than 1 mm. Check whether burr removal, whether acute blunt, there is no scratch, hand phenomenon. Each nut and nut column must be handled via back teeth, ensure the screw smoothly into the lock. Check whether LED housing whole assembly requirements according to the facts according to the drawing processing, various accessories ( Such as locks, hinges) The existing standard parts, should be used in assembly time must ensure that the mechanical strength and sealing performance. In the various welding welding must be strong, without virtual welding, the phenomenon such as welding, welding point must be smooth, seam has to be ash treatment, treatment process must be strictly standards. Welds must be polished sealed waterproof, smooth and flat without acute Angle. LED module hole punch and welding shall ensure positive flatness after molding, around the panel shall have a warp, deformation, the flatness error is less than 1 mm; Front panel location hole size strictly control box, aperture size and pitch error is less than 0. 1毫米; Set of hole axis X, Y direction should be in a straight line, respectively, and the straight line should be perpendicular to the edge of enclosure, vertical degree is less than 1 mm. Information source: powerful giant colour light electricity
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