How to solve the brightness of the LED display color differ - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-05
A good LED full-color displays must adapt to in different temperature, different weather, can be normal use in a variety of situations, and for the distance light will have a good effect, especially in the large concert, special effects lighting is particularly outstanding to, but sometimes we will find that the brightness of the LED, LED full-color display brightness inconsistency is what reason? According to many years of experience, small make up summarizes three factors can lead to a full color LED display screen brightness is not uniformity. 1, the luminous element LED full-color displays light-emitting element which LED light-emitting tube, in the process of producing brightness is inevitable. But the LED electronic display manufacturers adopt countermeasure is in produce after the completion of the step, the smaller the luminance difference between two gears, the consistency, the better, but can form the yield of the more severe the appearance of low and high inventories. Thus, each production manufacturer to the luminance difference between two transmission control in 20%. 2, full-color LED display driver driving element component is usually constant current drive chip, such as MBl5026 etc. Inside these chips including 16 output constant current driver, can use resistance setting current output values, the same chip control error within 3% of each output of different chip output error control within 6%. LED full-color displays 25% between each pixel brightness error is normal, if use the LED luminous tube is not the same level, type of full-color LED display, can make the brightness error rose to more than 40%. In addition it is important to note that full color LED display brightness, is the basic reason, forming flower screen can't use correct late check equipment, with a LED display manufacturer produces in the process of manufacturing. So buy to the brightness of screen, please contact your service provider or manufacturer needs to solve. 3, display to mix the material in the production process, with the different batches of lattice. How to solve the LED electronic display of different colors? Method 1: is a current through the LED change, general LED tube allows continuous working current is controlled in 20 ma, besides red leds have saturation phenomenon, other LED brightness basically proportional to the flow of electric current; 2 kinds of methods: by using the human visual inertia, using pulse width modulation method to realize gray scale control, which is periodic change light pulse width ( The duty ratio) Cycle is short enough, as long as the repeated light ( The refresh rate is high enough) , the human eye is feeling less than glowing pixels in jitter. Due to pulse width modulation is more suitable for digital control, so widely used in microcomputer and to provide the content of the LED display today, almost all the LED electronic display is controlled by pulse width modulation to grayscale.
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