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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
At present, due to the level of monitoring technology in our country and ability get a degree of data collection, display terminal can accurately the collected data, timely present on the wall display is quite important, is directly related to the rationality of decision-making of superior departments. To meet the demand of the market, the technical personnel of science and technology to improve the company's original splicing technology, make it toward the seamless, Gao Qinghua direction development, then, seamless splicing of the led display was born. Seamless splicing technology is a kind of special and require higher projection display applications, can achieve more screen image fusion together, and splicing gap to minimum so coincide splicing technology. Seamless splicing technology not only need to complete the ultra big screen, to cast a very large size images used in projection also have special requirements. Seamless splicing technology and the BSV LCD splicing technology biggest difference lies in the gap. 1, completely solve stitching big screen is divided visual defects, realizing seamless throughout the large screen splicing system of the our country present stage many display mainly exist in the work of seam. Such as LCD splicing system, gap is too big, can't meet the needs of users; And plasma and back projection screen splicing system fluid splicing technology, compared with more advantages, but from the point of view of its visual effect, there are still a lot of rules. Even in the engineering application technology, LCD, DLP, PDP only let gap decreases, and couldn't make it completely eliminated. And seamless splicing technology LED to make screen segmentation problem radically solve, meet the needs of seamless change. Adopts the seamless splicing technology, LED to the smaller size makes the screen resolution is improved and guarantee the quality of image, meet the needs of users a closer look. Compared with the existing splicing technology, LED physical seamless splicing can be achieved across the screen. For flat-fell seam, the level of high and low is not the size of aperture, but the question of whether a gap exists. 2, completely solve joining together big screen luminance and chrominance attenuation inconsistent problem seamless splicing technology, LED application will effectively deal with splicing screen luminance and chrominance attenuation is not the same situation. In this technique, commonly used point luminance and chrominance correction technology, this ensures the uniformity of luminance and chrominance. Such as the application of control technology, for the user to create a point by point correction chromaticity and brightness of the platform, and controls the pixels to the screen, realize the height of the image. The technology and E - and text messages E-mail reminders, able to timely make users master the stitching status information of the wall. 3, intensive display control platform, fix everything surveillance video source seamless LED display control platform technology application of intensive, ensure the reliability of the monitoring video sources, build a management platform for the client, and effectively achieved for video signals, computer, and network signal management, to provide users with better service. 4, power supply and signal strong redundancy backup design, guarantee safe to use on the design of seamless LED systems, on the power supply and signal of redundancy backup, can reduce the problems in use process. 5 process, long life, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs relative to the average service life of LED display screen, long service life, and its maintenance and repair costs are relatively low. 6, large viewing Angle, high contrast, high refresh rate LED display screen in installation engineering provides a larger viewing Angle, and prevent the occurrence of reflective phenomenon. In taking pictures, be stable state, dynamic display screen, the image edge is clear, has good dynamic performance, the image information accurately real reduction. Video screen smooth, and brings the greatest visual enjoyment. Also specifically, LED brightness uniformity of excellent performance, fit for a single point of brightness correction, make the whole screen brightness uniformity to acme. 7, ultrathin, super light structure, ultra-quiet heat treatment technology in the process of the use of the seamless splicing technology LED, also adopted the silent heat treatment technology. 8, low power consumption in the process of practical application, seamless LED stitching technology can reduce energy consumption, saving the cost of engineering. Is embodied in the following two aspects: ( 1) Low power consumption and energy saving technology of LED display in the work, change with images and produce different power consumption; That is equal to the peak part of the required power consumption, generally between 30% ~ 50%; Depending on the display content is different; Traditional joining together big screen on the job, no matter what the content, even if the black screen, remains a constant power consumption, the power required. ( 2) Energy conservation and environmental protection, pollution-free products pollution-free traditional joining together big screen by reason of its light-emitting materials, working principle, there will be a mercury, ultraviolet light, radiation and other environmental pollution sources. LED display directly light-emitting display products, LCD light source for the backlight bulb ( Tube) , its luminous medium such as tungsten, lead, had no significant effect on the environment. To sum up, seamless splicing technology is a new LED display industry benchmarking, completely solve the other display device can't finish the seamless Mosaic defects, at the same time also can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, intensive, according to the growth characteristics of service life.
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