How to prevent electrostatic LED display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-27
Electrostatic, has always been a matter of electronic products more attention. So the Led industry, Led display color, brightness, technical problems are in focus, and display of the electrostatic handling is very easy to be ignored. Under the powerful giant colour anti-static measures do a simple description. LED attaches great importance to anti-static measures, the following is for electrostatic and anti-static several description: 1. 1. Electrostatic sources: the main source of electrostatic affect circuit are human body, plastic products and related equipment instrument, including static power have from using the environment, the following: 1. 2 objects and materials. 3 floor, work desk and chair. 4 overalls, packaging container. The paint or the surface of the wax, organic and glass fiber materials. 5. Cement floor paint or waxing floor, plastic floor tile or plastic flooring. 6. Chemical fiber clothes, not conductive work shoes, clean cotton overalls. 7. Plastic, packing box, box, bag, disc, foam padding. 2. Static discharge failure of sudden failure and potential failure. Static electricity failure in using the environment above 90 for the potential failure, show the circuit resistance electric stress ability weakened, shorten service life. 3. Anti-static measures 1. The use of electrostatic sensitive circuit static knowledge and the related technical training. 2. Establish, anti-static work area within the area using anti-static floor, esd workstation, anti-static grounding wire and anti-static equipment, and the relative humidity control in more than 40. 3. Static electricity may be released to the harm of electronic devices caused by anywhere from the manufacturer to the field device. Harm is because there is no enough, effective training and equipment failure caused by manipulation. The LED is sensitive to electrostatic equipment. INGAN chips are generally considered to be 'first' are susceptible to interference. And ALINGAPLEDSSHI 'second' or better. 4. ESD damaged equipment can show the dim and blurred, put out, short or low VF or VR. ESD damaged equipment should not be confused not electronic overload, such as: because of the error of current design or drive, wafer articulated, shielding grounding wires or encapsulation, or ordinary environment induced stress, etc. 5. ESD safety and control program: most of the electronic and optical company ESD is very similar, and have successfully achieved so equipment ESD control, manipulation and the main program. These programs because of ESD ancient instrument has been used to test the quality effect. ISO- 9000 certification also put his columns such as normal controls. 4. Transportation and packaging in the daily operation, ESD sensitive equipment should have been stored in the anti-static bag or container. This includes inventory reserves, transportation and the WIP. Prophylaxis of transport fleet, including consumption box or other devices, such as with conductive wheels or drag, ESD equipment is grounded in the delivery. Led display is the big screen the most widely application scope, because the cost is relatively high, the need for electrostatic knowledge training, relative humidity control in more than 40, try to reduce the Led display is damaged in transit.
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