How to maintain the outdoor led display how to extend the life of the led display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-10
In recent years, led industry is developing very rapidly, the use of led display is becoming more and more widely, outdoor led display has become the most potential market of advertising media, has led display has accounted for nearly ten percent of the market, and still has a tendency to rise. Outdoor led display has the very strong visual impact, the advantages of cover at a very broad, these advantages make it attract more and more users. Outdoor led display screen to use for a long time, first of all, from the quality of the product started to grab, mainly from the aspects of the selection of lamp bead, the choice of form a complete set of spare parts and production process, is also choose reliable quality and brand awareness is make of enterprise products, so as to achieve a long service life of outdoor led display effect. So, outdoor led display in the daily use of time, we should be how to maintain led display daily work? Let's go to see the maintenance of the led display details, hope can help you. 1. Outdoor led display of the switching sequence is a regular, we first open control calculator button to make it normal running, then open the outdoor led display, if you want to close the led display, we turn off the led display screen, and then shut down the computer. 2. If found in led display used in the process of fracture or other damage, should be replaced in time, especially the screws, pins and weighing beam, etc. 3. Of equipment in use process, should be regularly check, if the hair first pineapple or rusty phenomenon should timely take measures.
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