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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-07
Full color LED display display effect is directly associated with the user, the audience, in order to get perfect experience, the need to control and improve the quality of the LED display. For LED to apply only to the local, in all kinds of advertising, activities, company meeting and press conference activities, play to play, and other large activities is indispensable, most companies are directly to the lighting sound loan company to carry on the loan, so for the safety stability of full-color LED display in the full is particularly important in the process of using, especially in those who played on loan in the series of activities. So, how to control and improve the quality of full color LED display screen? Reflect the special LED full-color LED display quality important index is what? 1, being stable power supply and grounding protection is good, the bad natural conditions, especially in strong thunder don't use under the weather. To avoid possible problems, we can choose to passive protection and active protection, repeat the could harm the full-color display screen items away from the screen, and clean the screen also gently wipe as much as possible, to minimize the possibility of the damage. Close the led display, and then shut down the computer. 2, maintain full color LED display screen using the environment humidity, don't let anything in the nature of moisture into your full color LED display. With humidity, full-color display screens, electric, can lead to a full-color displays parts corrosion, causing permanent damage. 3, if the water because of various reasons, please power off immediately and contact maintenance personnel, until the screen display board dry rear can use in the body. 4, the switch of full-color LED display order: A: first, open the control computer to normal operation and open LED display screens. B: it is recommended that the led display screen time to rest more than 2 hours a day, in the rainy season led large screen used more than once a week at least. Generally open screen at least once a month, lit for more than 2 hours. 5 don't for a long time, played in full white, red, green, blue, etc all bright screen, so as not to cause too much electricity, the power cord fever is too large, LED lamp is damaged, affect the service life of the screen. 6, do not free disassembly, splicing screen! Full color LED display screen most close relationship with our customers, do a good job cleaning maintenance is very necessary. 7, long time exposure to the outdoor environment of wind, sunlight, dust and so on easy to dirty, for a period of time, must be a piece of dust on the screen, it needs cleaning in time to prevent the dust package surface effect the watch for a long time. 8, led weaving can use alcohol to wipe the surface, or by the use of brush, vacuum cleaner dust, not directly with wet cloth to wipe. 9, led weaving need to regularly check whether the normal work, the line is damaged, if you don't work to change in time, the line has damage to timely repair or replacement. Led display screen internal wiring, amateurs banned touch, in order to avoid electric shock, or damaged lines. If there is a problem, ask professional personage to for maintenance. To create each exciting scene!
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