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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Collapse and LED display is the main fire safety hidden trouble. Looking at the site of some of the attention heart-pounding event, so, how to prevent? First of all, is not to find a bargain, for multiple manufacturers on field trips. Different LED display production process, the screen assembly process and installation technology experience, will directly affect the time limit for a project of LED display production, cost, safety, performance, display effect and quality, service life and maintenance costs. So be careful to compare products and projects, the performance characteristics of various aspects to LED manufacturers to choose the most suitable for his needs. Secondly, seeking high quality after-sales service. For after-sales service of LED display equipment, we are very easy to ignore. Many users might think that produced have something, anything else after-sales service. Listening to what the dealer a fool, and sometimes we have good equipment, after-sales basic decoration is such a time. Thus the after-sales himself when the decoration. But in fact, for the LED trouble removal, and high technical content, so on the after-sale link, apparently more important than the average common electrical equipment. Today, many manufacturers commitment have how long after, but most is a return to factory maintenance to the equipment failure, we can not comment on the size of the manufacturer and is for the user, if we can find bad points and their treatment, we still use to send it back? Such promises, not what is pit dad? So, our customers are buying LED display, don't simple and crude, only know about the price just pay. We should not only compare the size of the manufacturer, brand, reputation, etc. , to pay particular attention to after-sales service. We hope that every consumer in the LED display screen of choose and buy to the protection of the 315, put an end to safety accidents.
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