How to get to the maintenance of outdoor LED display - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Outdoor media advertising forms with the development of LED industry, has been more and more fashionable and stylish, then you know about outdoor LED display, if you don't know, no relationship today small make up take you to go and see how to maintain the outdoor LED display, take a look at. First, be sure to regularly check the outdoor LED display the stability of the supporting structure and the security of the power supply cable, if appear damage should be timely get to deal with. Second, if the display screen into the water, please cut off the power immediately and contact maintenance personnel, until the screen display board dry before you can use in the body. Third, if there are any strong thunder and lightning, the powerful typhoon severe weather, should cut off power supply in time, waiting for the weather return to normal before you turn on the power of the screen. Fourth, the surface of the LED display can not be directly with wet cloth to wipe, can use alcohol to wipe, or by the use of brush, vacuum cleaner dust removal. Fifth, it is best not to arbitrarily cut off, also do not frequent closed and open display power supply, to prevent the impact of surge current. To avoid too much electricity, the power cord fever is too large, LED the tube core, affect the service life of the screen. Today is these small make up for everybody to explain the content of the, believe that through the interpretation of small make up after you know about outdoor LED display will be more profound, hope you can help to you.
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