How to eliminate the scan wave and water ripple of LED display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-06
We took photos on the LED display will often find that there are some waves as the stripes or the scan lines. Such photos look, it's easy to let people doubt about the quality of the LED display. Actually these phenomena is not the problem of LED display. Is caused by cell phone or camera shooting Angle and focal length. Often someone mistook water ripple is scan lines, that's a big delays. The difference between a, water ripple and scan line phenomenon water ripples appear random arc diffusion condition in general. The scan line is horizontal black stripes straight line, is mainly caused by the lower screen refresh, being camera show! Second, the 'water ripple' name 'Moore lines' ( Moiréeffect) Using a digital camera filming scenes, if there is a dense texture, often can appear puzzling water sample stripe. In simple terms, Moore grain is a kind of expression of the principle of beat. Mathematically speaking, the superposition of the continuous sine wave frequency close to two synthetic signal amplitude will change according to the difference between the two frequencies. Three, Moore lines 1, the process of two spatial frequency slightly different stripes, they left black line position is the same, because the interval 丌 with, to the right line gradually 丌 can overlap. 2, as a result, the two stripes overlapped on the left because of the black line overlap, so you can see the white line. And right dislocation, white line on the black line, overlapping the outcome become all black. Have the change of the white line and all black, form the Moore lines. 3, the two groups of stripe of figure 2 completely overlap, can see the typical Moore lines. Four, screen lines as shown in the above phenomenon process produces Moore: LED screen display is by the RGB trichromatic units, uniform distribution on the screen. Note: if the LED display pixel distribution density is just between the CCD can distinguish between lattice, is inevitable, the digital camera will decipher the part can identify as a result, but also can add 丌 terrace with identification of ash, and can form regularity of the two lines, response is periodic ripples on the vision. Five, remove Moore method 1, change the camera Angle. Moore ripple due to camera Angle will not object, slightly changing the Angle of the camera ( By rotating the camera) Can eliminate or change any Moore corrugated exist. 2, change the camera position. In addition, by around or move up and down to change the Angle, can reduce the ripple Moore. 3, change focus. Detailed drawings on too clear focus and height details may cause Moore corrugated, change focus can change slightly clarity, 迚 and help eliminate Moore. 4, change the lens focal length. 丌 with lens or focal length set are available, and to change or remove the mole. 5, use mirror filter installed directly in front of the CCD, make its exposure conditions satisfy the spatial frequency, high spatial frequency part thoroughly filtered image, opportunities for decreasing the occurrence of Moore's grain, but it will also be synchronous reduce the sharpness of the image. 6, with software processing. Use Photoshop plug-ins, etc. , to eliminate any Moore corrugated appear on the final image.
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