How to eliminate the outdoor LED fire hazards - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
In recent years, in the city's bustling streets, again the beautiful scenery line, that is the led electronic display. Shenzhen technology co. , LTD is a full color LED display, LED screen and LED should products as the main business, scientific research, development, manufacturing, and engineering for the integration of high-tech enterprises. Company is located in shenzhen baoan district shajing, has a modern research and development base, has a high-quality scientific research team, committed to the development of the industry application in the field of photoelectric photoelectric products and services. Company strictly abide by the 'honesty, keep promise' of the enterprise purpose, to gradually build the company into a across industries and across the region has the comprehensive ability of enterprises. But few people realize in this layer under the gorgeous face of the crisis, this crisis is the hidden danger of the fire. 1 and outdoor led electronic screen how to eliminate fire hazards in most display applications, the screen display unit area is larger, the power consumption, the greater the stability of wire electrical also have higher requirements. 2, through the UL certification of power supply products is the best choice when choosing a similar products, its effective conversion can guarantee safety and stability of power load, under the condition of the external environment temperature hot, also can work normally. 3, in a large electronic display the material aspect of the outer protective structure, high fire rating display on the market are mostly adopt fire prevention aluminum-plastic plate, its excellent fire resistance, fire retardant sex is extremely strong, core material is special oxygen aging resistance is strong, melting point temperature 135 ℃, the decomposition temperature of 300 ℃ or higher, environmental performance, low smoke zero halogen, in line with the SGS, flame retardant - B S1, d0, t0, reference use UL94 standard, GB / 8624-2006. 4, display fire prevention materials and an important part, it is plastic package, plastic package is primarily a unit module mask pan, the use of materials is mainly use the raw material which has the function of flame retardant PC + glass fiber materials, not only has the function of flame retardant, better when under high and low temperature, and long-term use, not deformation, not brittle cracking, combined with good sealing glue used at the same time, can effectively block the external environment of rainwater in internal that cause a short circuit fire. 5, correct installation. Because led electronic screen are electronic products, the main part of the materials also belong to the fuel, so be fundamentally set out to 'prevent the smoldering fire', use the high quality of power supply, wire, IC, connecting device of combustible components, such as reduce the failure rate, and control the led display fire probability; Technical aspects, in the process of the led display installation must be installed by professionals, guidance, inspection, precautions; Cleared to led display surrounding flammable and combustible, prevent led display fire due to fire hazards around; A professional after-sales maintenance, testing and inspection of led display on a regular basis. 6, completes the LED display fire certification. Entered the U. S. market must achieve UL48 cable safety, ETL certification, while the British by BS safety certification, Japan will need to reach PSE mandatory safety certification.
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