How to decorate the background of the led display at the wedding

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-11
Don't know since when, wedding arrangement has slowly become a kind of art, a good wedding to decorate, can not help but can make a wedding romantic warmth but also can have the effect of the foil atmosphere. Improve slowly, as people material culture level, led display wedding is slowly in modern wedding on the fly, let the wedding is more high-end grade. Led display at the wedding arrangement should pay attention to what? Take a look at. In general, choose the wedding led display, tend to choose more appropriate in darker light, and with the wedding step by step, led display screen corresponding registered the wedding ceremony, will let the scene of the effect is more strong, also can have more good visual impact effect, guests of to have a real feel a pair of lovers happy and moved. In addition, both sides of the led display also can choose the curtain to projection, both to pose the modelling of adduction but also can put the light continued to change, let a person have a beautiful dream of visual effect.
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