How to deal with the double color led display color difference of failure

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
After installing double color led display, display effect nature is very good, but others found that the screen to use for a long time, easy to there is a certain color difference problem, if it is a small area of the ordinary color also look not to come out, once appear, to display effect has a great influence, so how can we avoid, off color is caused by what factors? 1, the luminous element of fault. On double color led display, there are countless luminous element, the element is the led lamp, in the process of production, will surely there is a quality difference, which will have some unqualified products. But in the comparison of production, there may be some operations, led to these products into the market. So the color will exist, for this problem to factory for replacement. To avoid as far as possible choose big manufacturer of products, quality control is more rigorous, chromatism failure is rare. 2, drive components failed. In double color led display, in use process is controlled by the driving element to, generally the element inside a chip to control the brightness of adjustment, can through the way of resistance to adjust the output current, and control the brightness of the display. If chip problem happens, can let a larger gap between brightness control the color difference is shown. 3, screen different batches. If you choose the double color led display is composed of multiple batches of the screen, the display effect will exist certain chromatism, so buy must choose the same batch, and after the installation, debugging to check first. Led display installation and maintenance procedures
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