How to customize the storage and preservation of the bicycle parts of the box - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Bicycle parts prone to rust during storage, it is also a common phenomenon, which not only affect the appearance quality, cause the old bicycle parts, but also can make its mechanical strength decreased, thus reducing its use value, serious even scrapped, so storage way of bicycle parts and maintenance is crucial. Storage and preservation conditions of bicycle parts, there must be strict requirements, and form a special storage and keeping of science, must pay attention to the storage, the storage conditions of bicycle parts according to the different raw materials, structure form and quality, and meet the requirements of the technical performance, should be the difference between a specific situation, put forward different storage conditions, as in the following sections: 1, all the bicycle parts should be stored in the warehouse or have within the dry ground cover, should be no harmful gas erosion and impact, and should be well ventilated, must not with chemicals, acid and alkali materials stored together; 2, storage warehouse should be kept in relative humidity is not more than 75%, the temperature within the scope of the 20 ~ 30 degrees, to prevent the occurrence of corrosion or aging condition; 3, for easy absorption of moisture rusty bicycle parts, besides should maintain warehouse ground between dry, and should be the underlying set of the accessories stacking overhead at least 15 cm gap from the ground plate, make the air to circulate, when necessary, should also be in the ground apply a small amount of lime or placed in the proper position of the stacking moisture absorption agent such as calcium chloride, zinc chloride. The warehouse where bicycle parts should be kept clean and dry, control the temperature and humidity, not with acid, alkali, salt, gas, and the powder mixed with chemical goods, different kinds of bicycle parts stored in the same place, also should have certain distance, to prevent contact corrosion, impact its use value. In order to timely grasp the change of bicycle parts and quantity inventory, avoid bicycle parts shortage, loss, or overstock backlog, must be regularly carries on the inventory every week, to find out whether there is damage, corrosion, and so on and so forth, for the model of bicycle parts have been eliminated, can be used as scrap processing.
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