How to correctly calibrated full-color led display screen

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Full-color led display screen is, of course, will appear a lot of problems during use, the common problems of the phenomenon of flower screen, if the problems is the need for correction, to ensure the normal use of led display, which requires involves how to correct, so, how to correctly calibrated full-color led display screen? Introduce you to it. A screen preparation, calibration if necessary correction screen need to be ready to work in the first place. The first step to do a good job of cleaning the screen, particularly for outdoor full-color led display screen, there are dust or stain, clear and very not easy, it will directly affect the screen brightness. In the second step is to check the display is not bright lights, a timely replace if appear this situation. The third step need to do to upgrade receiving card, it's need to upgrade the electronic touch screen system. Second, choose suitable for the weather to correct for full color led display screen calibration easily affected by the weather, if rainy and windy weather, it will directly affect the calibration, so try to avoid these weather correction. If worry correction again meet bad weather, the best choice in the electronic screen calibration is not affected, of course can't move, don't suggest to correct. Three, professionals to correct the correct calibration led full-color displays should also do is professional to correct, it would help to correct, if not professionals to correct, you probably don't. Correction for how we should all know, calibration correction point to point, if the lack of one of the links, can affect the screen calibration results, so according to the above steps to complete. The service life of outdoor led screen is influenced by what factors
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