How to choose LED display rental

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-03
Wedding festival, opening ceremony, large-scale theatrical performances, star concert, thus opened the LED display rental market prosperity. Then display the stage rental display how to choose a model? Using models at present, the outdoor exhibition is P10 full-color LED display, outside the stadia 6 m clear image display, image display in 10 metres away quality hd and soft, waterproof and various outdoor use function, convenient tear open outfit. It is important to note: careful with low-end configuration outdoor full-color displays, easy to show that the effect is not stable, and high failure rate, low service life. Indoor full-color LED display, such as stage stage, the stage of interim meetings, wedding indoor shooting out wedding stage and so on, generally require the light is downy, viewing distance is relatively close, about scope of 5 meters or so, at this point to consider effect of showing the picture accuracy, shoot out, whether to install mobile is convenient wait for a problem, can choose the model number is the P6 and P8. If the performance stage, first consider the type is P4 full-color display, both the audience and the performers on the stage can very clearly see the screen. When budget overruns, consider the P5 full color specifications, but within 3 meters stadia display difference is very big, P4 is much high. Powerful giant color LED display as a professional LED display manufacturer unique in stage rental screen. Strong color giant stage rental case: http://www. ql。 com/projects_2_0_0_0_0。 html
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