How to change the LED display industry stuck in the past situation - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
In recent years, the LED display industry technology innovation ability is insufficient, enterprise innovation level is generally low. In high technical content of the development of new products, leading the market core product is insufficient, the phenomenon of 'cloning' technology and products, industry internal energy in promoting technological progress and promote the overall development level of industry plays a positive role in leading enterprises lack of enterprises in a serious shortage of r&d investment. LED display industry development in our country can rapid growth, early is closely connected with enterprises in technology innovation performance at that time, in the 1990 s, every year or two will be leading technology leads the market mainstream products. In recent years, due to the lack of technological innovation, product repeat the low level of technology, application and market environment, bound to lead to the market competition of price war and various non-standard competition behavior. At present our country the formation of the LED display enterprise's core competitiveness and construction has a long way. To really improve our LED display industry competitiveness in the global industry, requires effort and improvement from the following aspects: first, strengthen the propaganda, expand the influence, improve image, enhance social awareness; Second, to promote the technology level of the product, to shape the new connotation of Chinese manufacturing; Third, cultivating form with a strong comprehensive strength and the size of the representative enterprises. LED display industry technical level is relatively advanced in our country, the main products and the key technology and the international advanced level of the industry to maintain consistent, but the craft level is relatively backward, in product standardization, the whole machine system design, reliability, manufacturing process, detection and test methods abroad have obvious difference. And the current market environment LED display industry development pattern is also a major changes. LED display companies must have had to adjust strategy, strengthen innovation. LED display industry standard system in our country have a certain foundation, display standardization work, both in terms of screen machine standardization to strengthen the work and also to the device, the respect such as base material to be perfect, suggested that display the standardization work of strengthening and materials, devices and standardization of upstream and downstream industry chain cooperation and coordination, as well as the relevant standards of using and learning promotion attach importance to it. At present, the development of the semiconductor lighting industry brings good opportunity for the LED display industry, and expand the application field of rich product system has a positive effect. LED display business the key is to seize the opportunities, challenges and change such situation, strive for innovation and development.
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