How to buy led display purchasing led need to pay attention to

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-10
1. First of all we need to see is the introduction of the company, the strength and the parameters of the led display products, etc. , then contact the manufacturer. 2. In communication and led display manufacturer, we do not go so fast when it comes to price, and manufacturers have to talk about some technical parameters of the led display, such as the brightness of the led display, droop, and after-sales service life issues such as installation, knowing that some can better let the manufacturer make a cost-effective higher offer, if I had to talk about the price, led display manufacturers will think that you are pursuing price rather than quality, but also will think you just to ask the price, and not much sincerity buy products and then finally won't quote us a reasonable price. 3. Buy which are chosen after a led display and electronic products, we need to do is next inspection, look at the company's strength and size as well as some related certificates, to see how much is the annual turnover of the factory, to determine whether there really are the strength of a led display manufacturer. 4. In the above work is determined, we finally signed the contract and establish cooperation relationship.
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