How to better reduce the light pollution outdoor LED display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-30
Do what work can better reduce the light pollution outdoor LED display? We all know, with the development of science and technology on earth pollution is increasingly serious, also, of course, in which the contamination of LED display, so how to better to avoid the light pollution, let outdoor LED display show real advantage, now powerful giant colour to draw the following methods: 1. LED display area and installation position according to watch the perspective of viewing distance and the environment, reasonable planning and display the area and position. You must see to it that displays the installation of a certain slope and keep a certain height. When the display screen and the gradient of vertical < 45 °, it would be more accord with people's point of view, also can better reduce the direct light, display and escape astigmatism an impact on the surrounding environment. Screens installed in the height of ten meters from the ground, it can better reduce astigmatism and direct light a significant impact on the environment. 2. Control LED display brightness we all know that night the brightness of the surrounding environment will be low, many people will also pass a brightness control technology to reduce night a brightness of LED display, so we have to adjust it at this moment a brightness, brightness recovery design during the day, so does not affect the effect of the LED screen, also reduced the LED display in the night light pollution, also better to save the screen a electricity. 3. Broadcast content due to the reasonable design of LED display light pollution is closely related to the display color, so the movies to use high purity color design, using mixed color more, use less as far as possible low purity, high brightness of color as the main color; On a video with the next video switching between appropriate slow shoulds not be urgently; Do not use too many pictures. 4. Automatically adjust the brightness of the control system we also know that different time environment brightness changes are also relatively large, if the brightness of the display screen is more than the environment is more, especially at night, the strong light can cause people eyes does not adapt or Shanghai. But we can through the automatic brightness adjustment system, in this way can automatic conversion is suitable for the air environment brightness, so as to achieve the outdoor LED display to avoid the effects of light pollution.
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