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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
If the LED display is the display side of a nucleus, the LED display screen displayed a community ACTS as a special position in the field of new students. As more and more widely market demand, LED display products are used in different display, transform the different modelling. In recent years, various kinds of literature and art performance, fashion show, T stage, the opening ceremony, wedding background even in the previous Spring Festival gala as a set, a large number of the special-shaped screen its colorful light and shadow, become the important elements of the scene. Previous traditional dance beautiful scenery often use real, realized dynamic it is hard to realize, the lack of a vivid, flexible technique of expression. With the alien has beautiful bright color screen, can undertake according to show links and transform to cooperate, can not only build a strong visual impact and artistic appeal of the site effect, more can serve as extension and complement of stage performance, enrich the content of the performance, become an important part of the performance content. Recently, the western bar special-shaped LED display in Malaysia smoothly completed, become a classic commercial case, my company and the quality of high quality and professional service, is deep user attention and recognition. Malaysia, the full name of the federation of Malaysia ( Malaysia, the predecessor of malaya) , Malaysia. Is the federation of Malaysia is the south China sea is divided into two parts. Located in the Malay peninsula west Malaysia, Thailand in the north and south across the strait, soft with new soft causeway linking Singapore; and the second channel East Malaysia, Borneo, Kalimantan island) North, south kalimantan, Indonesia, brunei country between bazhou sand and sand la yue state. In recent years, the company through research and development to improve unceasingly, every alien screen changing are representative. For now the company's special LED display has: novelty, ever changing, by you to customize the three main characteristics. Special-shaped display in color, brightness, energy-saving lamp has its unique advantages, but also has the characteristic of flexible, and easier way to enrich the fusion to the background of the stage, and even serve as an important part of performance elements. Not only that, but in the use of the installation is also very convenient, especially in the occasion demand for stage set with special shape, special-shaped LED display can play its layout more convenient and flexible features. These is to treat every customer's commitment: to provide high quality products, serious light each piece of display screen, let the customer enjoy to use LED display.
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