How to avoid damage to the Led display for storage

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
We know that the Led display is very fragile items, both in transportation and storage to keep well, otherwise, the display once damaged, will not be able to normal, but in the actual application, after we buy Led displays, and not immediately for installation, especially after a large number of purchase, you may need to wait for a period of time to install, so this time we will understand the Led display storage problem. A, not directly on the ground of Led display can not directly on the ground, so as not to be damaged, the right thing to do is, we must first put the store Led display for clean, cannot have dust or stones, etc. , but also in the above laid a layer of pearl cotton, so as not to worry about is damaged. Two, no piles of pile up some people in the store things, perhaps because of saving space, can put the items up to, and that for the led display is a no-no, if we have to pile up, so need to use pearl cotton isolation between each display, and piled up in the most ten, not a heap of ruins. Three, light and light for the Led display, it is easy to be damaged, so whether you need to use or transport, we must ensure the light to take light put, don't meet any other items. And here also to remind everybody is, at the time of contact, be sure to take anti-static hand ring, therefore, we in daily, do you want to touch the led display. About Led display storage is very important, if stored in the event of a problem, will directly influence the use of it. So we must pay attention to the above storage problem. The choose and buy the LED display these costs must consider!
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