How technology | LED display connection safer?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-31
Full-color LED display fault has many are caused by improper installation, so the installation need in strict accordance with the steps to operate full-color LED display, especially the installation for the first time, so that we can reduce the error occurred, take a look at below powerful giant colour sorting full-color LED display installation steps wiring method. 1. Check the power supply voltage to identify positive and negative connection switch power supply, dc 220 v power supply cord connected to the switch power supply, ( After confirm connection correct, connect to AC or NL terminal) And then plugged in. Will find the power supply has a lit up, and then use a multimeter, dc gear measure V + and V - The voltage between the, ensure that the voltage in four. 8 v - 5. Between 1 v, there was a knob, can cross screwdriver to adjust the voltage. Fever prolong life, in order to reduce the screen in the case of brightness demand is not high, can adjust the voltage to 4. 5 v - 4. Between 8. After confirm the voltage is no problem, disconnect the power supply, continue to other parts assembly. 2. Connection closed off the electricity power supply, connect the V + red line, V - Connect the black thread, respectively connected to the control card and the LED unit board, black line control card and power GND. Red line connected to the control card + 5 v and unit board VCC. Each unit plate 1 the power cord. Completed, please check, the connection is correct. 3. Connection control and unit plate used as good platoon line, connection. Pay attention to the direction, can't meet the. Please note that unit 2 16 pin interface, one is the input ( 在) , one is the output ( ) , close to 74 hc245/244 is input, connect the control card input. Output connected to the next unit board input. 4. Connect the RJ45 cable ( Cable) Connect the cable side of the well computer network card or send A card so, on the other end connection control card, will the rest of the control card with A minus B,A- Each connection in the form of B. For best compatibility, commonly used while making straight-through T568B standards. RJ45 crystal needle head serial number should be in accordance with the following methods: observing the positive (RJ45 plugs A sense of copper needle) Toward oneself, have a copper needle head upper part, one end of the connecting cable in lower part, from left to right to eight copper needle Ordinal Numbers for 1 ~ 8: - (1) white Orange, white - (2) orange, and (3) Green and white - (4), (5) Blue, and green, white - all landowners Brown, was brown 5. Check the attachment to check again the attachment is correct, the black thread connection is - V &gnd. The red line connection is + V, and VCC + 5 V. N L red line, the blue line, ground yellow green line 6. The test on 220 v, open the download software. Under normal circumstances, the power lights, control CARDS, LED display screen display. If abnormal, please check the attachment. Or to see the error repair. Set the parameters of the screen, send the subtitles. Specific reference to the software instructions.
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