How should understand the LED display control card - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
LED display control card is responsible for receiving a picture display information from the computer serial port, placing frame memory, according to the partition method of generating the serial display data needed for the LED display, and scanning sequence control is the core component of LED graphic display. Simple LED display control card is divided into: single and double color control card, color control card, full color control card. LED display control card use: 1. No matter what color LED display, the control card of different brand from hardware to software is different. The same brand are different types of functional difference is very big. 2. Control card are with software. Monochrome screen to a small area of the general use simple partition control card, cost-effective, the partition can be used with largish area control card, will be expensive. 3. Control card and computer connection mode are: so, TCP/IP) , a serial port ( RS232,RS485) And usb transmission, GPRS wireless connections, Zigbee wireless connections, etc. LED display control card selection method: first of all, know yourself to do the specifications of the LED display, size, and calculate the points, ask the effect of customer needs, is synchronous or asynchronous, need not to need secondary development; Then, determine the asynchronous and synchronous determine effect, determine the scope of the points, determine the scope of the price, finally determine the card; CARDS without equal, is the key to apply, available, easy to use. According to their own understanding of the software to select the best card, each LED display manufacturer on load range is about the same, the key is the software is suitable and their clients. LED display control card can't find what to do: 1. Confirm your control card with software to match with correctly. 2. Check whether there is cable fall off, loose, check and confirm that used to connect to control card match with the serial port to control card, some control CARDS with the pass-through ( 2 - 2, 3 - 3, 5 - 5) Some control card with ( 2 - 3, 3 - 2, 5 - 5) 。 3. To ensure that the control system hardware has been correctly to electricity. ( +5V) 4. Control LED display control software and control card of their selection to choose the right product model, the transmission mode of right, the correct serial number, the correct baud rate and software available to dial the code switch figure set correctly on the control system hardware address and the baud rate. 5. If there is still a loaded after the above check and correction, please use multimeter measure, connected by the computer or control system hardware serial port is damaged, to confirm whether they should get back the computer control system hardware return detection or manufacturer.
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