How many Qian Yiping led quotation? And model about

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Led in terms of price, due to various factors such as type, function, model, the influence of price were difficult to have a definite number, because the customer on the choice is different, generally for the Led quotation how much Qian Yiping basically see our customers to choose what kind of type, what type of Led electronic display. 1, types of Led display, generally for the classification of the types of Led display in the above, can be divided into monochrome Led display, double color Led display, full color Led display, etc. , each has his strong point on the type of the screen, so in terms of price is different, generally speaking, in these screens, monochrome screen in terms of price compared to other two screens should be cheaper, and full color Led display screen in the Led display screen is three price higher. 2, types of Led display, Led display can only carry on some other words of looping, and some some Led display can undertake some projection computer page content, has a different function, of course, there is a big difference in the price, like those who can only do word looping projection display with the ability of computer page Led relatively cheaper price. Combined with some of the Led display Settings now mobile phone remote operation, could be carried out on the selling price is more expensive. How many Qian Yiping led quotation above is the subject of the simple introduction, led under the influence of various factors in terms of price, for some of our customers, especially the need to find out the led quotation, interpret his related requirements should be referred to the led manufacturers, so manufacturers after understanding customer needs can provide concrete offer. Led display rental, than the direct purchase cost-effective
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