How many good outdoor led display with point spacing

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-11
Outdoor displays how many point spacing is commonly used in displays well, for now, outdoor led display models are P10 P16, etc, according to these types, how should we choose? 1. We can choose on the basis of viewing distance, P is usually on behalf of pixel spacing, and P at the back of the data is we the distance between two pixels, we usually call it point spacing. Point and the spacing of value, the smaller the unit pixel will be higher, the display screen will be more clear, so the more suitable for a closer look. 2. How the led within 10 square metre, the area of the best, so it is recommended to use with outdoor led display if the area is between 10 and 20 square meters, so it is recommended to use P8 full-color led display best, if the area is between 20 to one hundred square meters, and watch the distance in ten metres away, so it is recommended to use p10led best display. Through the above analysis can know, in fact, area and watch there is a close connection between the distance, watching the farther the distance, then the area of the screen body will certainly is a few bigger, so is relative to the requirement of display screen resolution is not very high, so the distance between the option of the display is ok, if you have enough money, of course, also can choose the small spacing of display, but the cost price is relatively high, price is low.
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