High-end rental LED screen to have the technical characteristics

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-07
LED display rental when how to choose the high-end products, high-end rental LED screen to have 7 technical characteristics: housing condition monitoring, double card, N + 1 power flow to double backup, quiet operation, intelligent brightness adjustment, low reflective, EMC design, automatic correction housing condition monitoring of high-end rental screen configuration receiving card for body temperature, humidity, power supply, fan signal lines communication state detection and monitoring, the field staff real-time control box running status. Double card, N + 1 power flow to double backup because the LED display by the large number of boxes, a large number of electronic devices, and electronic equipment inevitable failure has been plagued by LED display applicators. So, when part of the electronic device in the event of a failure on the LED display, display can still work normally is particularly important. Dual sim, dual power backups function is to ensure that the high demand of LED display screen reliability and stability of the solution. Double receive the backup method, a box body to use two receiving card. Two receiving card work at the same time, the hot standby state, each other in any way signal failure automatic seamless switching, work to ensure that the display screen. In the current of the power supply in parallel use, can use the N + m times of the method, to output a larger power. Parallel system, each power supply according to share power flow between less power, when a single power supply failure damage, other power supply can continue to provide power to the system work flow, improve the reliability of the system. Silent run in some high-end rental screen application occasions, such as museums, concerts, press conference requirements are put forward for the noise of the LED display, need to adopt low noise fan or fan and low noise power, sometimes to achieve this effect, puts forward higher requirements for power supply section. Intelligent brightness adjustment in performance, stage and only LED rental screen to a light source, the display effect is bound to be influenced by projection, shoot the light, moving head light, etc. The effects of stage lights. High-end rental screen so it is necessary to install automatic adaptive photoreceptor regulating equipment, will not affect the display screen by ambient light. Low reflective because the other light sources such as projection, shoot the light, moving head light, rental screen also want to consider the problem of light. LED display device adopts full black packaging design, materials and the comprehensive effect of epoxy resin by black PPA, black front lamp bead made whole, to better to improve the contrast of the display screen, Device colloid surface fog below design is adopted to avoid the glue mirror effect through its light reflection, so as to effectively reduce the reflection interference, make bright screen images showed more downy. In addition to the black lamp, high-end stage rental display need equipped with corrugated absorption of black mask, in order to reduce reflections. EMC design optimization in the application, LED rental screen needs and a variety of electronic equipment running at the same time, in order to avoid electromagnetic interference with each other, need EMC optimization design was carried out on the screen of lease. For example: design of PCB with no spikes wiring, low interference walk line way, multilayer copper clad shielding, high low frequency multiple separate, sensitive signal processing techniques such as; More optimized circuit design, such as multiple filtering, pure power supply technology, etc. ; Multiple shielding EMC chamber structure design and so on, through the above design to solve electromagnetic interference. Automatic correction what is meant by 'automatic correction'? Is the calibration data stored in the module, replace the module, receiving card, sending card any need to debug, without having to send data, can be used to electricity! Correction technology such as traditional 'point correction', change module, receiving card need professional operation to send correction data; Need to create a folder for each module number, storage module, corresponding correction coefficient, stored in the U disk or mobile hard disk, users need to store module correction coefficient, and record the module number, make a corresponding one of; Replacement after receiving CARDS or modules need to import the correction factor, such as replacing module not import coefficient will appear after color piece patch; Correction factor such as user once lost, cannot enable correction. Have & quot; Rental screen nmo correction 'technology, the user replacement module or any need to debug after receiving card, in the good, The effect of the whole screen are adjusted, no color difference, color piece, flower screen, only need electricity, the display is normal. 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