Heyuan to DE hotel P4, full-color led display light - success Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Heyuan to DE hotel P4, full-color led display light up success, heyuan to DE hotel P4, full-color led display light heyuan success, guangdong province, the establishment of a prefecture is located in the northeast of guangdong province, east river shelter-forest, meizhou city in the east, south, huizhou, of shaoguan city in the west, and north ganzhou city in jiangxi province. Because of the dongjiang river from north to south through the city, xinfeng river around the city from west to east, the east of the city intersection of the two, makes the whole city water on three sides and looks like a raft floating in the water, hence the name 'if the city. As products sell like hot cakes in the indoor screen product, P4 in the high-end indoor solid loading has been quite a good reputation in the market, has been widely applied to large retail stores, high-end goods store, well-known hotel banquet hall, conference rooms and other places, to bring the audience a high-definition perfect visual enjoyment, popular customer high praise. Again to ahead of similar products in the industry a competitive advantage to get heyuan to DE hotel senior affirmation, success in the hotel, is used to build perfect visual feast to the hotel. P4 in hd, the perfect display effect, with the surrounding natural environment on the tall compatible, virtually let hotel luxurious atmosphere, improve the grade of the hotel banquet hall, is quite popular among consumers, has won the high recognition of hotel.
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