Heterotypic LED display industry development trend and the characteristics of several main types - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
LED screen is alien on the basis of traditional display screen into a special shape. It is a solidified not to copy, and to each order for the purpose of display. Compared with the conventional LED display, its biggest characteristic is to be able to better adapt to the overall structure of the buildings and the environment, and the screen size and size can be customized according to the requirements. LED screen has a fan, arc, spherical, cylindrical, triangle, cube and cone structure. Different screen as a kind of is new show form, has its unique glamour, will have more and more people have realized that the superiority of it in the show. Coupled with product diversity, satisfy customer's individuation demand, has been more and more users recognition of different screen, it is also necessary to LED screen alien into the mass market of a factor. For LED business was in a different screen product doesn't have to please everyone and everything, but must be formed its own unique style and features, to improve enterprise's creative space. Special-shaped LED screen with ordinary screen biggest difference is the appearance, it can be all kinds of irregular shape, such as spherical, sector can better adapt to use environment, its unique shape makes people look is also very pleasing. The following analyses common characteristics of three kinds of special-shaped led display on the market: a, led ball screen 1, spherical led aluminum structure design for the whole, the structure is very sturdy, strong and durable performance. Can be designed to move form at the same time, convenient to carry, also can use lifting and loading. 2, 360 ° full visual Angle, all-round play video, any Angle can feel good visual effect, no graphic problem. Second floor brick, led screen 1. Using SMD5050 table triad one light design, with super wide Angle of view and better plane whole degrees: 2. Lightweight, ultra-thin screen specification design, housing only the total weight of 1. 5 kg, thickness is 65 mm. 3. The screen body color and brightness of synchronous adjustment, make the screen body presents delicate lifelike colors; 4. High contrast, high refresh rate design, present design without any delay when ghosting phenomenon; 5. Compatible with multiple source input, such as AV, S - VIDEO、VGA、VPBRR、HDMI、SDI等; 6. Professional aviation packaging protection, control of the lease equipment has played a good protection; 7. Made of high strength PC mask can weighing 1. 5 tons, 8. Each pixel are separated from each other by the PC the mask, in order to prevent the scattering phenomenon. Three, ledt shutter transparent screen 1, unique structural design, can achieve the screen body up and down and around along any surface change, meet the demand of a variety of irregular surface reality. 2, up and down the screen body can change along the arbitrary shape curved surface, and can be 360 degrees convolute. About 3, the screen body can folding bending 4, 90 degrees at the top ( And can be adjusted according to actual) , walk up and down the line layout, make whole screen looks orderly. 5, the screen body parts are all made of open molding plastic shell, not only ensure the high precision, and achieve the ultrathin, super light screen. 6, using vacuum polymer nanotechnology glue, waterproof outdoor grades. 7, the screen body of portable, easy to install, mainly is suitable for the rental place
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