Hebei zhangjiakou city government procurement p2. Perfect completion - 5 indoor full color led display Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Hebei zhangjiakou city government procurement p2. Perfectly completed 5 indoor full color led display, so small make up take you to understand the place, zhangjiakou, hebei province, is also called 'Zhang Yuan' 'Wu Cheng'. Located in the northwest of hebei province, is located in Beijing, hebei, shanxi, at the junction of four provinces, is the north gate of Beijing, is also a mohican in history, geographical and cultural city. Go, the most is the Great Wall, the time span is the biggest area, there are eight historical period of the Great Wall was built up to 1471 kilometers, one 6 of the country, 'the Great Wall museum' the laudatory name. Here is a shrine to lay the uniting of the Chinese nation, the yellow emperor, emperor yan, 'o' cities to the integration involved problems. the zhuolu human-god, FuFuShan, opens the Chinese civilization. In November 2013, approved by the party central committee and the State Council, the Chinese Olympic committee formally agree to zhangjiakou and Beijing's bid to host the 2022 winter Olympics. The led display is for government zhangjiakou tailor-made indoor p2. 5 full color LED display, the area a total of 40 ㎡, 2 pixel spacing. 48 mm, a large screen can be used to broadcast the government news and real-time video, the indoor full color LED display exquisite colorful, good color reducibility, image lifelike, light bright colors after spray, is like a wonderful scene, let a person enchanted. As hebei zhangjiakou government units, continuously expand government zhangjiakou, a total of 40 square indoor p2. The success of the 5 full color LED display, help the government propaganda work onto a new stage, real-time display shows the latest policy, the government quickly convey positive thought, people '. As screen dark horse enterprise in China, the LED display products, hd digital display technology, high-definition image processing technology, video technology, realize the high definition, high brightness, high intelligent control of the display. Not only successful use in the park, cultural square, the government in countries such as the construction of large projects, also participated in many international operation of the project, to be designated as the shenzhen universiade screen display technology suppliers. Led display and fault, hd according to zero of the industry and customer recognition.
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