Hd led display application prospects and value

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
The current display market is very huge market, which LED display of very large, and in the future will be of more and more high, now in various fields have hd LED display applications, the value of this kind of display use in the future? 1, promoting the value of space of the commercial circle in the mainstream of business circle, the main business value is embodied in the stores and streets, the value of the space has not been used up. In business circles, because the traffic was very big, the display effect is very good, especially the rapid promotion in the process of urbanization, this place is the mainstream business occasions, so if you also use the space that here, will produce a huge commercial value. This value will be achieved through hd led display, through the design display billboards, improve space utilization of the business center. 2, improve the AD conversion ordinary billboards all tired now, it's almost impossible to produce identity, for outdoor media, more like to watch the hd led display, because of its good propaganda effect, influence scope is big, affected area broad. Compared with ordinary billboards, this kind of display AD conversion rate can reach more than seven percent, while the common billboards, conversion rate of less than one percent. 3, marketing value higher brand effect the development of media operators quickly now, but not reach to the value of the brand recognition requirement, which requires a lot of hd led display. Through this screen, can let the brand value by publicity and recognition, is much better than ordinary advertising billboards and wall body. Color led display rental why so hot
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