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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Hand tea make outdoor full-color led display, improve taste a pavilion, a pavilion tea is meal tea house, teahouse and the integration of multi-functional comprehensive large tea house. This ancient sweet patina, classic flavour is dye-in-the-wood environment, at the same time, can use all kinds of tea products, characteristic clip figure, a variety of traditional snacks and delicious tea flavor feast, become national culture characteristic of high-quality goods 'window' and connect friendship bridge at home and abroad. Tea is a central pavilion building outdoor full color led video ads, the tea knowledge, etc. , make passing citizens had to look up, look at the teahouse on tall, make people as if place oneself in a forest, can smell the faint scent of tea. Is the so-called 'beauty with a gifted scholar, this several years of development, for many peers and customers support, because of technology adhere to the' mutual benefit and mutual complementary advantages sincere cooperation to create a Shared 'idea of cooperation. Age in progress, also did not stop the pace of development, we have been focusing on research and development technology, innovation and optimization services, to ensure that each came to led display factory, customers can feel proud. We rest and wider radiation in 2015 LED display, lighting market. At present, make grinders with several large classic case, invited many peers and clients to visit our factory. Fully automatic machine production is one of the advantages in the industry, the enterprise culture of unity and friendship among yes window. Some simple field photograph, for everyone to enjoy, to explore. Shenzhen technology co. , LTD. Marketing Department line Mr. Liu: 189, 2650, 1801 ( QQ: 1990888666) Mr. Li: 180, 3308, 4888 ( QQ: 1265888666) Hall: 180, 3813, 5483 ( QQ: 2880698553) Zhou min: 159, 8942, 1922 ( QQ: 2880698554) Li jie: 181, 2990, 3316 ( QQ: 2880698552) Zheng: 138, 2350, 6258 ( QQ: 2880698555) Zeng Yating: 133, 1689, 5867 ( QQ: 2880698556) Light: more than 188, 2099, 3334 ( QQ: 2880698566) Li-yao duan, 177, 2269, 2190 ( QQ: 2880698558) Ming-ming li: 130, 6687, 7569 ( QQ: 2880698567)
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