Function - introduction of full-color LED display system Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Full color LED display is a kind of LED display, rich color. By the three primary colors ( Red, green, blue) Unit board, red, green, and blue gray level 256, all 16777216 colors, complete electronic screen color is rich, high saturation, high resolution, high frequency of dynamic pictures. Full-color LEDLED display system function: full color LED display with computer for disposal of control center, electronic screens and computer appeared ( VGA) Window point corresponds to one area, appeared content synchronization, real-time map screen is adjustable, can appear randomly selected images convenience intrusive. Appear lattice choose high brightness LED light-emitting tube ( Red, green double colors) , 256 level gray scale and color change combined 65536 kinds, color rich vivid, and support VGA24 appeared a true color form. There is equipped with graphic information and the three dimensional animation software, there can be high quality graphic information and 3 d animation. There appeared software information method has cover, closed and open shade, color replacement, expand such as a variety of forms. Full color LED display using special program was broadcast correction software, through the keyboard, mouse, scanner, etc. Different input means to modify, add, delete and correct words, graphics, drawings and other information. Compiled in the control of the host or server hard disk, the program sequence and time of the broadcasts, replace complete integration, and can be superimposed with each other. Full-color LED display to use professional, unlike chip leds to aggregate industry needs a lot of advanced produce equipment and high requirements of the environment, so the production process environment, its primary survey details such as equipment and brand question ( Do not think that the more equipment, the better) 。
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