Full color LED screen design case analysis - stage Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
The first: single vertical this is local tyrants led screen, the stage is the background of the led screen, no KT board, also have no a stage of other design elements, all logos, images and pictures are through the large led screen display. Advantages: atmospheric aggressiveness, whole banquet guests no dead Angle is 360 degrees can be the content of the led screen disadvantages: in addition to what is expensive and the second: the background of the discrete stage or as a whole, or is the KT board design, or the gauze curtain design, but the side of the led display is set in the background plate, or is two side has a, or only on one side, a bit like the status of the projection screen, only for temporary play wedding photos or video Settings, and without the advantages of integrated and stage background: can reduce the design requirements of background on the stage, the stage background can be more flexible to use simple materials to complete. Disadvantages: low price, the area can't be too small, but the use efficiency is not high, cause high price low utilization rate. Third: embedded as the name suggests is embedded led screen in the backdrop of a box. Stage, there is some background or use KT board construction background, or cloth curtain pull yarn structures, background, but whatever the Beijing led screen is just like a large led TV as the center of the on the stage, the percentage is not a lot, just let a person see the picture. Advantage: hd broadcast quality good, the smaller the price low faults: a fourth area is small enough atmosphere: modular led screen placed right in the middle, and background on either side of the plate and is an organic whole, forming the backdrop of a holistic design. The current design accepted by more people choose led screen. Advantages: large screen display make visual enjoy more praise, and as a part of the stage background appear more harmonious. Cons: so the integration of led screen to have the atmosphere of the area can use KT board placed on both sides of the stage background, gauze curtain be stingy to merge with led screen.
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