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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
In recent years, we can see everywhere in the shadow of the led display, it is active in all areas of our life, and with the upgrading of industrial technology, the led display will be more and more popular, become the deserved 'dragao display field. It is this why? 1, bigger screen on the market at present, there are many types of display devices, LCD screen, splicing screen, projector and display module. Because of different occasions, so their areas of occupy a certain market. But with the use of occasions to expand, the joint problems and shortcomings of liquid crystal screen, LED display screen has a broad application prospect. LED display screen and indoor small spacing can adapt to the indoor a closer look at, the outdoor module dustproof, waterproof and moistureproof lightning-proof advantages of the product itself, and can adapt to the complex use outdoor environment. 2, the industry's overall development reached the scale level of Chinese LED display industry main products not only occupy the absolute market in mainland China, at the same time also occupy a certain share in the global market, formed a stable export. Product quality and reliability has significant improvement on the whole, LED display application of mainland enterprises in the construction of key projects and key project, in the international market competition, the ability of large display systems engineering to undertake implementation in improved significantly. Volume 3, LED components to develop in the direction of light on the LED display market, in order to convenient transportation and installation of products use, LED components is more and more to the high-tech development, at present has been upgraded to the small volume weight. So it will mean a more broad, the scope of its use in the company meeting, the domestic space can become the future applications of led display market. Small spacing are also produced in order to meet the indoor close situations, so the led display flying off just around the corner. 4 a standardized, intensive, industry development characteristics of LED display industry association for years has been actively promote the product technology exchange and carry out standardization work, through product technical standards, technical inspection of the products such as the standardization of the technical means to effectively promote the industry product development. Standardization, standardization, and so did the industrialization level of ascension, the accumulation effect of industry layout, such as focused more in shenzhen area the size of the enterprise.
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