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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Everywhere in this information age, information exchange, for example, the street busy section of the electronic screen, or the subway, bus station, and other public facilities to all through the electronic screen to convey to the audience to the information, such as public service ads, commodities, as well as to the goods, such as advertising, make information communication is everywhere, all of these are LED large screen on the effect of outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising is a form of what? Led display for the masses not strange, people on the street corner especially supermarket will notice all the more. Bright and clear picture, spit sound clear sound quality that is popular for its first impression. People can be clear at a glance when after aware of the advertising content of display screen is promoting. Well known, led to the invention of the successful development will be very big cut that amount in everyday use. As a member of the led display, of course, also have save electricity advantage, that the merchant for use for a long time can save a considerable part of power consumption, used for a long time down to save the cost is considerable. LED large screen of the effects of outdoor advertising the biggest characteristic is green pollution-free, without consuming any paper, won't cause any waste of energy, also beautify the environment, compared with the previous paper, LED large screen for outdoor advertising, is not so little, light on the issue of environmental protection and energy saving are beyond the paper the effect of propaganda, and LED large screen allows far away will be able to see hear or dynamic, LED large screen on how the role of outdoor advertising can not achieve the best. So to achieve good publicity effect, the choice of LED large screen better, promote the strength of the largest, accept people more widely in addition, LED display is used to promote advertising has many advantages, first of all, is its small size, light weight, can install, modular combination, finally unicom line; Second is can be placed in a variety of situations, can be in on the corner of foot traffic, can also be in the heart of the city's shopping malls outside and place some square park and so on; Again is the led display can be connected with a variety of port, can be a mobile terminal port can also be a PC, such a humanized design is convenient for management operation; Led display is one of the last piece of template failure will not affect the overall work, and repair work is also very simple, usually shorter time can easily finish.
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