Full color led display - what are the supporting parts Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Full-color LED display is a kind of LED display, now in the market for each domain has its figure, is widely applied. Now discusses the choice of full-color LED display products, to help the industry users to a more comprehensive understanding of the full color LED display. 1. LED lights and chip LED lamp is LED tube, it is the key to the LED electronic display device so to adopt quality is reliable, mature encapsulation of LED products. Choice of LED products must have good stability, small discreteness, HBM is greater than 4000 v, attenuation amplitude small compression capability is strong, brightness, wavelength and Angle consistency, good light distribution effect, and can resist high temperature, moisture and ultraviolet (uv) requirements. 2. Whole USES the steel plate or aluminum box, use open structure. System. after the use at the bottom of the pin and the guide sleeve, the precise positioning between guarantee body. Housing overall protection IP65 standard, additional structure should give full consideration to the cooling problem, etc. 3. Display power supply switch power supply using certified famous brand switching power supply module, all of the switch power supply through rigorous testing, screening, aging. Ensure full compliance with international safety and quality certification requirements, in order to adapt to display the requirement of long-term, stable and reliable work. Under the rated working conditions. Ensure that the service life of more than 10 years. 4. Plug and socket connector is an important connecting device in system. Connectors should be made of high quality products and to ensure the thickness of gold plating of connectors, the electrical connection in the best performance. Guarantee system in high temperature and high humidity environment performance of electrical connection, you can make the system run stably and reliably for a long time. 5. PCB circuit boards using flame retardant epoxy plate, design rational layout, line specifications, meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and stability of the circuit. Processing factory should choose well-known manufacturers of products. 6. Driver chip IC device driver circuit adopt international famous brand of the constant current driver chip. In a large temperature range, high precision of constant current output and high reliability, can make the display uniformity and significantly improve the reliability. Display system main material should be passed CE, FCC, UL, CCC, ISO9000 certification, etc. Believe that if the above said, insist on reliable material of supporting facilities and professional research and development design technology, will be able to reduce the failure rate of the display, and will greatly improve the reliability and stability of LED display.
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