Full color LED display video processor efficacy - how Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Video processor is full-color LED display witnesses in the whole process of the birth, growth, and maturity and signature device, and now the LED dedicated video processing equipment in the process also gradually mature, let's to understand the full color LED display video processor: LED video processor is a dedicated LED video processor, and it is required to complete the task of LED display from the external image signal can be converted to signals can accept. In this process, the LED video processor generally need to complete the following process: 1, the resolution specs transformation: in general, the image signal source ( Such as blu-ray DVD, computer, hd broadcast box, etc. ) Provide signal resolution has fixed specifications ( Reference VESA, ITU, SMPTE standards) , according to modular splicing, and led display makes its resolution almost can be any value. The video processor converts all kinds of signal resolution LED display physical display resolution. 2, color space conversion: LED display color range is very wide, and most of the color space of image signal is small ( For example, NTSC) 。 In order to make full color LED display has good effect of the image display, color space conversion must be conducted. 3, a depth increase, the current full color LED display gray level has been raised to 16 bits, 17 bits, but most of the input signal source is only 8 bits. Therefore, followed in the footsteps of hd display era, 10 bit even 12 bit processing technology in the application of the video processor is the trend of The Times. 4, image processing, and enhancing the technology: digital image processing techniques from the 1920 s to now, there was a large number of patented technology. Such as DCDi won an emmy award, qACC2, ACM3D Faroudja lab series of patented technology. These technologies will make the visual effect of image had the very big improvement. 5, scaling: resolution specs conversion process, needs the image to zoom in, whether it be a resolution increases or decreases, and can make full images displayed on the screen.
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